About EdenBooks

EdenBooks sets out to try to do two things:

  • To give people a way to find great indie books to read, and
  • To make it easier for the authors of those books to have them discovered.

There are a huge number of amazing books by indie author out in the world.

The main problem is that they aren't always easy to find. There's a reason for that: marketing is hard, and costs money.

Traditional publishers have large marketing budgets and teams of marketing professionals, but indie authors are typically doing it all by themselves. They may not know how best to reach readers, and they may not have the budget to do it.

We're hoping to provide another means of getting books into people's hands.

Over time, we will roll out more functionality, such as:

  • Offering a tailored newsletter to readers, with books that are a good match.
  • Grouping books together and advertising them in our own newsletter as well as on social media.
  • World guides, allowing authors to create encyclopedias for their worlds, their characters and events, as a companion to their books.
  • Making it easier for groups of similar authors to get together to promote their books, either by doing a coordinated discount sale or by organizing giveaways or other events.

The project is in its infancy right now, but if you like the idea, we'd be incredibly grateful if you'd show your support on Patreon..